The 2021-2022 season saw the launch of the Surrey Junior Netball League. Wey Valley was part of the team that has been instrumental in forming the new league structure. 

Fixtures now consist of teams playing one game on each competition date but games will comprise four x ten-minute quarters.


Previously, Surrey junior netball comprised three separate leagues (Epsom Little League, Mid-Surrey League and Nonsuch League) all providing competition to different ability teams. These leagues have now been combined to form one County-wide league consisting of three divisions. The advantages of this structure are:

  • More netball fixtures.
  • Every member club can offer the same competition opportunities as other clubs.
  • Teams will play at their own level of competition adding more excitement and challenge to games and hopefully raising the overall standard in each division.
  • There will be promotion and relegation which will enhance the competition.
  • The new game structure will better prepare players for the adult game and help the development of game management.

U11 games at Manor House School (KT23 4EN)

U12 games at Downsend School (KT22 8TJ)

U13 games at Downsend School (KT22 8TJ)

U14 games at St John’s School (KT22 8SP)

U15 games at Manor House School (KT23 4EN) and Howard of Effingham School (KT24 5JR)

U16 games at Manor House School (KT23 4EN) and Howard of Effingham School (KT24 5JR)

Dates for 2023: Sunday 15 January; Sunday 29 January; Sunday 5 February; Sunday 26 February; Sunday 12 March.

Reserve date for unplayed U12/U14/U15 matches is Sunday 19 March.

Times: each age group will receive match times via WhatsApp.

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